Wallpaper* content to run on digital posters

LONDON - Wallpaper* magazine's editorial content is to be showcased on Titan Outdoor digital posters.

The design magazine’s imagery and content will appear on 50 of Titan’s premium digital poster sites, known as D6 sites, in Network Rail stations across London.

The partnership between the IPC-owned Wallpaper* and Titan marks the launch of a new digital showcase of design content from Titan, called Design6.

Titan’s head of digital, Tom Winbow, said: "Our screens use state-of-the-art technology to showcase brands in impeccable HD quality. This focus on cutting-edge visuals is matched by Wallpaper*’s, making them a perfect partner."

Wallpaper*’s publishing director, Gord Ray, said: "Wallpaper* is the most influential design magazine in the world and we pride ourselves on it being one of the most beautiful. The partnership with Titan is a brilliant opportunity for us to showcase our luxurious content to design-conscious Londoners."