Walsh Trott gives Talk Radio TV ad presence campaign

Talk Radio is poised to unveil its first TV work in a pounds 1 million burst through Walsh Trott Chick Smith.

Talk Radio is poised to unveil its first TV work in a pounds 1

million burst through Walsh Trott Chick Smith.

The campaign differs from the previous poster and press work which aimed

to encapsulate the radio’s personality by showing two radically opposing

sides of a debate.

The new creative approach features a number of animated household


The first of two separate 30-second executions shows a kettle, a jelly

and a rocket poised next to a telephone receiver. The kettle is shown

bubbling away on the stove spouting forth its views on ’jumped-up


The second ad features the kettle, a hammer and a light bulb. The hammer

represents a woman who wants to drive her message home by repeatedly

hitting a nail.

Each character has been chosen to embody the different types of people

who listen and call in to Talk Radio. The commercials end with the line:

’Talk Radio. There’s a good argument for listening.’

The ads were written and art directed by Dave Trott and Gordon Smith and

directed by Skeets at the Oregon-based production company, Will


Media is through TMD Carat.

Paul Robinson, the general manager at Talk Radio, said: ’We are now

targetingprospective listeners. The aim is to show the emotions people

feel when they get involved.’

The spots break this week in the North-west before rolling out

nationally. They will be supported by posters and bus-backs.

The pink jelly is a female character who is burbling away about someone

’brilliant’ and cute’. The rocket is depicted as a man literally on a

short fuse who gets so het up that he finally takes off.

The new creative approach, using a number of different animated

household characters, intends to convert triallists into dedicated


The light bulb represents someone who doesn’t get the point for a while

and when he finally does, explodes. In each case, the characters are

shown next to a telephone receiver and are caught mid conversation.

In the first execution In the second ad, the hammer is shown as a woman

who wants to hammer home her message by repeatedly hitting a nail.