Walsh Trott unveils Channel 5 posters

Channel 5 is to use an extensive autumn poster campaign as part of

its drive to increase audience share.

A series of 48- and 96-sheet posters through Walsh Trott Chick Smith

will break nationwide on 12 October and highlight the broadcaster's

range of real-life crime and human interest shows.

A damaged cot promotes subjects from "nightmare kids to abusive

parents", while a surgical rubber glove showcases crime documentaries

covering "autopsies to forensics".

The campaign marks a significant shift from last year's "smiles"

campaign that poked fun at celebrities by overlaying their faces with

graffiti-style grins.

"There's no doubt that our previous advertising has helped to create a

distinctive personality in the market," Channel 5's deputy marketing

director, David Bainbridge, said. "But we need a bit more intelligence

and a little less irreverence if we are going to get certain sections of

our viewing audience to re-appraise us."

The ads were written by Anna Goodyear and Elaine James and art directed

by Steve Back. Media is through Walker Media.