Want to talk to gamers? Don't pretend to know everything

Campaign talks to avid gamer and TV and radio presenter Julia Hardy about how brands can connect with the gaming community

The gaming community on Twitter is vast – it’s made up of many sub-communities including esports fans and players, PC gamers and mega fans who come together to discuss and exchange tricks around their favourite games such as Fortnite, Red Dead Redemption or Minecraft. 

Julia Hardy is part of this crowd – and she understands the gaming community better than most. That’s why Campaign sat down with the TV and radio presenter to find out what gamers want to see from brands. 

"We’re a very big community that likes to share our thoughts and ideas all the time – and Twitter is just great for that," says Hardy. 

Hardy loves to find new information on the platform about gaming: "It will always be top in trending because all of a sudden it’s like we’ve been bereft of information about this thing we’ve been very excited about. Then, they release a little breadcrumb for us and we all kind of jump on it."

Hardy believes that the great thing about Twitter is that you can be the fullest version of you, and dip into other communities: "Of course I love games but I’m also a big fitness fan and I tweet a lot about the things I do in the gym."

She believes that if brands truly want to please this audience, they mustn’t pretend to know everything.

"They will know more than you. But come in a way that shows you want to learn."

Watch the full video for Julia’s ideas and tips on how brands can cut through.