Watch: 6 myths about creating viral campaigns

Unruly's Sarah Wood knows a thing or two about what it takes to create an engaging viral campaign - and it's not always a cat. In our video, she debunks six of the biggest myths associated with viral success.

Team Unruly: Looking far too obedient
Team Unruly: Looking far too obedient

Everyone knows what makes a great viral, right? Short, snappy and so funny it will make you wee your pants a bit. Oh and a cute kitten can only add to this proven formula. 

Think again. As Wood explains: "We all know the internet is made of cats, but cats don't generate video shares." And maybe we don't need to be rip-roaringly funny all of the time.

Wood reveals all below.

Video produced by Brand Republic producers Georgina Brazier and Helen Hoddinott.

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