Watch: Ad legend George Lois on life, art and his 10,000 books

George Lois, the man behind a decade of Esquire covers and the iconic "I want my MTV" tagline, talks about life, art and being a "one woman" man in a video exploring his Manhattan apartment.

Lois: lives in Greenwich Village, New York City
Lois: lives in Greenwich Village, New York City

Lois was a key figure amid a creative revolution in the 60s, which ushered in a new wave of expression in advertising, characterised by an irreverent tone and attitude.

Last week, the 84-year-old launched a New York-based agency, LoisTransmedia, Big Idea Advertising and Public Relations.

Described by some as a real-life Don Draper from Mad Men, Lois insists he has been a "one woman man" over over 50 years.

The video interview, by design and interiors magazine Nowness, is part of a series called "My Apartamento".