Watch: Agencies go behind the scenes at #TwitterLive

Twitter invites agencies to #TwitterLive, an interactive showcase of exhibits powered by Tweets, Vine and Periscope.

The way brands interact with their audiences on Twitter is changing with every video, gif and emoji tweeted. To demonstrate product updates, Twitter has shown off its products to agencies and advertisers.

"We’ve invited agencies to this space, to experience for themselves the unique live nature of Twitter," David Wilding, the director of planning at Twitter UK, said. "We’re hoping people take out all the creative possibilities that now exist on Twitter that simply weren’t there a year or two ago."

The acquisition of products such as Periscope is allowing brands to carry out multimedia conversations solely on Twitter. Wilding said: "What you can now do on Twitter is get your [whole] message across on the platform."

Installations included "Periscope Periscope", which allowed visitors to stream their journey through the exhibition, "Vorb" a feature designed to pull in videos according to the hashtag used, and the recently acquired "Niche," a service that matches up brands with creators.