Watch: Atomic London brings back Radio Caroline to encourage people to Remember a Charity

Former pirate radio and BBC Radio 1 DJ Emperor Rosko has set sail across the UK to mark Remember A Charity's "In Your Will Week", thanks to Atomic London and Wisebuddah.

Staged by creative agency Atomic London and produced by Wisebuddah, the campaign aims to raise awareness for Remember A Charity’s In Your Will Week, specifically targeting the baby boomer generation who may remember listening to the original broadcasts of pirate radio. 

Atomic London's creative director, Guy Bradbury, said the agency has done the campaign so the target audience "can have their say on the world they would like to pass on". 

To launch the campaign, Emperor Rosko sailed down the Thames on a recreation of Radio Caroline's Ross Revenge boat, waving a Last Pirate FM flag. The ship will now journey to historical music locations around the UK.

Remember A Charity's director, Rob Cope, said its campaigns need to be daring and different because "no one wants to discuss giving to a charity in this way". 

Two hundred UK charities are members of Remember A Charity and will bequests can form a significant part of their income. Cope said the campaign would show the nation "the power of leaving a gift in a will".

Emperor Rosko is sailing across the nation this coming week.