WATCH: Behind the scenes of Lucky Generals' Yorkshire Tea campaign

Campaign spoke to Lucky Generals and brand owner Taylors of Harrogate about the making of the new Yorkshire Tea ads.

Lucky Generals has created three spots for Yorkshire Tea featuring celebrities from Yorkshire, including Sir Michael Parkinson and the Kaiser Chiefs, taking on jobs in the brand’s factory.

Loz Horner, strategy director at Lucky Generals, said: "Yorkshire Tea's actually the only tea brand to be growing in a declining market.

"It's grown hugely over the last seven or eight years and the way that they've grown is by staying true to their philosophy of doing things 'proper'.

"If they literally do everything 'proper' because it helps the tea taste better, maybe we need to look at some of the weirder jobs around the factory.

"That's how we had this idea of let's hire Yorkshire's most talented and famous celebrities, to work in really quite menial tasks in the Yorkshire factory."