Watch: Comedian Ross Noble opens up about the pitfalls of making 'rubbish ads'

Magician Dynamo and comedian Ross Noble talk to Campaign about their shows on UKTV and why it's not "ideal" to star in "rubbish" ads.

Speaking an UKTV event last week, Noble said that while the channel allows him to make "daring and risk-taking" programmes, making "rubbish" ads are "less than ideal" and for a stand-up comedian, the result is serious heckling.

At the showcase event, UKTV underlined the importance of making celebrity-led shows to the business.

Simon Michaelides, UKTV's marketing director, said: "We have a lot of big names returning for a second or third series and we are working with lots of new talent to build new programme brands like Dave Gorman’s 'Modern Life is Goodish', Attenborough’s 'Natural Curiosities' and Ross Noble’s 'Freewheeling'."

Michaelides said UKTV’s interactive video-on demand service UKTV Play, which launched last July, has opened up new commercial opportunities.

The network also highlighted its commitment to advertiser-funded programming.

Sarah Goldman director of advertising said: "Advertiser-funded programming is an important part of our business model and we really embrace it.

"Not many other broadcasters have that same approach to branded content. We are always very keen to talk to people about what their creative ideas are in this area.