WATCH: Female leaders share top tips for female creatives

Campaign asked industry leaders who spoke at Creative Equals' Future Leaders Conference on what their top tips would be for young, female creatives.

The majority of leaders focused on the importance of being heard and having the confidence to put across ideas. Victoria Buchanan, executive creative director at Tribal London, stated "make sure you speak up and push your work forward", adding that "if you're not being listened to", "ask why you're not being listened to".

The leaders also discussed the importance of support and finding another creative to champion you, with Chaka Sobhani, chief creative officer at Leo Burnett, discussing how "getting together" with organisations such as She Says and Creative Equals is an example of this support.

Creative Equals' founder and chief executive Ali Hanan said the conference follows the organisations' overall mission to double the number of female creative directors in London through putting 100 of London's female rising stars on a 'leadership track'.