Watch: John Hegarty and son's first joint ad campaign for men's fashion service

John Hegarty and his son are today unveiling their first joint ad campaign after writing an inaugural spot for a men's fashion service.

The ad, by Hegarty’s incubator business, The Garage Soho, has been written for The Chapar, which aims to provide an alternative to the "torture" of shopping on the high street with the help of a personal stylist.

After curating a selection of premium items to suit the shopper’s own personal taste and body shape, The Chapar then delivers a bespoke ‘trunk’ direct to the customer’s home or office.

The 60-second spot was written by John Hegarty and directed by Elliot Hegarty through Royle Productions. It was art directed by Rosy Thomas.

The ad is being launched on cinema and will be unveiled by Picturehouse Central in London this afternoon during an exclusive movie screening of Hail, Caesar!, the new movie by the Coen Brothers.

Hegarty, the co-founder of Bartle Bogle Hegarty, launched The Garage Soho in November 2014 to hot-house start-ups at seed stage.

Of the campaign for The Chapar, Hegarty said: "To become an iconic brand you have to at some point create broadcast advertising. A brand is made not just by the people who buy it, but also by the people who know about it.

"By approaching the fashion industry with humour and wit, we will help make The Chapar stand out from other fashion brands, who all take themselves too seriously."

The ad features two men, one of whom is trying on a variety of outfits in a clothing shop and becomes increasingly downhearted as his companion ridicules his sartorial choices.

A voiceover then says: "Talk to our Chapar stylist and receive a chunk of clothing, changing the way men shop."

The ending tagline is: "Love clothes, loathe shopping."

Karen Stacey, the chief executive of DCM, which sells cinema ads for Picturehouse, said: "The cinema medium is flexible, adaptable and targeted, and partnering with the Picturehouse Cinema chain will provide The Chapar with unprecedented access to an upmarket, early-adopting and social-savvy audience in a unique, engaging and uncluttered media environment, while keeping in-line with its brand’s ethos."