Watch the latest top vines featuring Ribena, Converse and Lacoste

Marketing, with the help of social media experts Unruly, showcases three must-watch branded Vines, featuring stylish sportswear, high visibility footwear and a debut from some crumpled classics.

Converse shows what the future may look like
Converse shows what the future may look like

Lacoste swings into this weeks Vine charts with their sporty tennis clip, proving that you can look stylish while workingout. No shellsuits to be seen here.

Converse has released a new vine highlighting one of their conceptual designs for reflective shoes #chucktaylor. It seems that in the future, it may be possible to be safe and stylish.

Ribena makes its debut on thw VIne chart with its looping stop-motion "Squash it!" Vine. Which flavour will you choose?

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