Watch: Lidl's first UK TV brand campaign

Lidl masquerades as a humble East London market stall its first TV brand campaign.

The TV spot, which airs on TV on 4 September, was created by TBWA\London and is part of a £20 million campaign called "#LidlSurprises".

The ad opens in an East London market place where people are trying produce at an unmarked stall. After being sold on the goods' quality, the customers express shock at the low prices and only discover they are Lidl products when the vendor hands over the bag with the supermarket's logo on it.

This is the first TV ad that Lidl has made that doesn’t contain information about a specific product or price deal. TBWA\London has handled Lidl’s £21 million creative account since 2013.

The work was written by Tom Gong, art directed by Dan Kenny and directed by Finn McGough through Rogue Films.