Watch live: Big Think@BAFTA

Live streamed coverage of Thinkbox's Big Think event. Experts including Sir John Hegarty and Mary Portas will be talking about some of the hottest topics for brands, marketing and media. TV might get a mention too.

Richard Eyre: chairman of IAB is a speaker at Thinkbox's Big Think event
Richard Eyre: chairman of IAB is a speaker at Thinkbox's Big Think event

BigThink@Bafta 2015 is on Wednesday 30 September. Watch the BigThink@Bafta 2015 live stream on Brand Republic.

Speakers include author and advertising expert Ian Leslie; Richard Eyre, chairman of IAB; Laurence Green, founding partner of 101, and Peter Fincham, director of television at ITV.

On the agenda:

9.30 Welcome and introduction with Lindsey Clay, CEO, Thinkbox

9.35 Curiosity: Why we need to know and why our brands’ futures depend on it. Ian Leslie explores the role that curiosity plays in marketing and media

9.55 Knowledge that makes you smarter: Lindsey Clay gets seriously curious about the facts

10.00 Is it all about now? Apparently, we’re living in a ‘real-time, always-on, data-driven’ world. But what does that actually mean for brands?

10.45 Taking the long view? Short term sales and long term profit; how to get the balance right

10.50 Coffee Break (and online show)

11.20 All the World’s a stage: How can British brands expand into the global market. Is being quintessentially ‘British’ (whatever that is) part of the brand’s assets, or should it become a citizen of the world?

12.00 Brits abroad. Lindsey Clay reflects on good and bad travellers and introduces the Creative Exchange.

12.05 Creative Exchange: Great TV programmes and great TV advertising are central to the success of big brands. We explore the state of creativity on TV, the trends to watch and what they mean for the creative process, and how the creative relationship between advertisers and broadcasters is developing.