Watch: London Live bus tours capital with giant video screen

London Live has been touring the city with a bus equipped with what the new local TV channel claims is the largest vehicular screen ever built, and the largest outdoor TV screen in the area, after Wembley Stadium's.

A screen with over 230,400 LEDs covers one side of the bus, which is promoting the channel from ESI Media, the commercial arm of the Evening Standard and The Independent. The screen can be controlled in real time from anywhere in the world.

London Live is the company's first venture into TV. It launched on 31 March.

The bus kicked off its15-day city tour from Covent Garden.

The TV bus, which will be available to hire after the tour, has been created by the Curb Media marketing agency, which worked on the PlayStation 4 installation on London’s Oxo Tower. The campaign lit up the tower with the game console's famous symbols.