Watch McCann London's CEO on last night's The Apprentice: You're Fired

Zaid Al-Zaidy gave sound advice.

Watch McCann London's CEO on last night's The Apprentice: You're Fired

Most read: Why Google’s new ad-targeting service will hit Facebook where it hurts

Writing on The Wall, Martin Dinham, director of Barracuda Digital, extols the virtues of Google's new Customer Match product, which "allows advertisers to use customer interest data from their email databases to target customers with PPC ads across Gmail, YouTube and search."

 It gives advertisers the tools to do some smart integration of PPC ads within their email marketing. For example, you can choose to target people who have abandoned their cart, so you’re marketing to those who already have a strong intent to buy.

Additionally, Dinham writes, "Customer Match [offers] advertisers the holy grail of being able to target users (assuming they are signed into a Google account) as they browse across multiple devices."

Read on for how Customer Match stacks up to Facebook's Customer Audiences product.

Tesco ad

Tesco: Major TV brand campaign hits Sunday

You know it's major when they won't give us the video to run before a spot debuts (no offence meant to the next item).

The first TV ad, Marketing's Sara Spary reports, will break on Sunday and feature a new family dynamic with three characters playing a mum, dad and a 20-year-old son, played by Ruth Jones, Ben Miller and Will Close.

The spot will show the family in a supermarket. Ben Miller's character Roger plays an "embarrassing dad" quizzing the checkout colleague on the mechanics of the Brand Guarantee.

It will be followed by a spot showing Ruth Jones' character Jo, who "gets on her high horse about certain things", tutting the word "typical" when she sees a queue at the till before being pleasantly surprised when a Tesco colleague opens a check-out to serve her.

Read on for much more on Tesco's new brand strategy and how it was built from the inside out.

Googlebox Lotto advert

Latest ads: Gogglebox cast to critique Lotto in Channel 4 ad

Channel 4 is launching a one-off ad tonight that features people from reality show Gogglebox critique the latest ad featuring Noel Edmonds in Lotto's 'Please Not Them', Campaign's Omar Oakes writes.

The two-minute ad, which appears during the first break of Gogglebox at about 9.10pm, represents the first time a UK TV show has been produced specifically for use in commercial airtime.

The deal with Camelot, the operator of the National Lottery, was brokered by its media agency Vizeum, The Story Lab, and Channel 4 Sales.

Twenty second teasers for the ad aired on Channel 4 last Friday and short form edits of tonight’s ad will be published across social media.

Extra Gum advert

Viral: Extra Gum's 'The Story of Sarah & Juan'

Social video experts Unruly weigh in on the latest viral sensation, an eye wateringly romantic/naff (delete as appropriate) video from a chewing gum brand, which has benefitted from tugging on BuzzFeed and the Mail Online's heart strings. 

Besides its massive sharing popularity, particularly across Facebook Video, Extra’s spot has spread so far thanks to some rather effusive praise from the online media.

BuzzFeed championed the ad in an even-handed piece titled ‘This Gum Commercial Is Making Everyone Weep’, while the Daily Mail’s ‘Femail’ section asked whether Extra had created the most romantical commercial of all-time.

At a moment when the number of ‘viral’ videos circulated on any given day is almost impossible to countenance, a boost from a massively-popular aggregator like BuzzFeed or Femail can help to magnify and amplify the social spread of a campaign.


BuzzFeed and Femail are aggregators? Burn.

Zaid Al-Zaidy

What to watch: McCann London CEO on The Apprentice: You're Fired

Zaid Al-Zaidy appeared last night on the post episode debrief, You're Fired. Of course, it's on iPlayer, so we can't embed it here, but Al-Zaidy threaded in some rather wise advice about how to manage creative teams:

It’s hard. You’ve always got to keep sight on the end goal. You’ve got to make sure that you’re absorbing people’s expertise and opinions. And I think great leadership for me in this kind of context is being more bamboo-like, so being able to swing with the wind and listen, but actually have firm roots that people respect and I feel like you were more like a stick that people wanted to snap and I kind of wonder whether that was as effective as you could have been.

Zaid Al-Zaidy, McCann London CEO on The Apprentice: You're Fired

And here's Al-Zaidy on dealing with strong voices that won't shut up.

If you’ve got strong voices in the room you’ve got to let them out. You need to let people have their say. Let them feel like all their ideas have been thrown onto the table. And then it’s much easier to manage the team and clarify and move things forward. If you’re constantly stopping people short, they’ll never stop shouting and you’ll never get them onboard.

Zaid Al-Zaidy, McCann London CEO on The Apprentice: You're Fired

Watch the whole episode of The Apprentice: You're Fired on iPlayer


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