Watch: What the private sector can learn from Met Police's digital efforts

Design consultancy We Are Experience helped Met Police implement a project in which officers used iPads in their jobs.

Piloted with the Met Police's Hammersmith and Fulham force, the digital strategy resulted in 87% of crimes being reported electronically. 

Chris Averill, CEO of WAE, said: "We’ve seen amazing results… very quick uptake of the devices, and the reporting process moving from paper to digital."

According to Averill, the trail resulted in a faster and more accurate process both for the officers and the public.

The changes come in response to the public's ever-increasing expectation of a digital service and Averill reckons other organisations should take note of the Met's willingness to innovate: "It’s an excellent way of showing how a traditionally difficult business has been able to move forwards, change their behaviour and how they deliver their services."