Watch: the public reacts to the Apple Watch

Excitement, confusion and cynicism was voiced when we asked the public how the Apple Watch offering was going down.

In the days since Apple Watch landed in UK stores, debate has heated up about just how successful it will turn out to be. 

One member of public compared the hype around smart watches to that of 3D TVs: ‘it’s a bit of a fad.’

However, more people welcomed the launch of the product: ‘[I’m] very excited about it, think it’s just the next stage in Apple’s innovations and the next step ahead.’

When asked if they thought that smart watches were the future one member of public reckoned that it won’t replace mobile phones: 'it’ll just be another added gadget,’ while another thought the accessibility of the watch will make it a hit, ‘because it’s on your wrist so it’s easy to check.'


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