Watch: Public response to $20K sale of Big Mac sauce

Marketing Magazine took to the street to gauge reaction to last week's eBay auction

McDonald's Big Mac auction: do the public care?
McDonald's Big Mac auction: do the public care?

Auctioning Big Mac sauce to burger fans was always going to be a recipe for PR success, but does the wider public actually know or care?

A limited 500ml edition of McDonald’s Big Mac sauce went on sale on eBay last week, racking up bids of over $21,000 and sending social media into overdrive.

The auction, which is for charity, ended today after 134 bids and sold for $20,600.

One higher bidder pulled out of proceedings when faced with the prospect of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars – on a sauce made out of mustard, onion and fructose corn syrup.

What do the public think? Marketing took to the streets to find out.

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