WATCH: Sandi Toksvig argues work culture can shape more diverse industry

Campaign talked with the co-founder of the Women's Equality Party, Sandi Toksvig, as she shared her top tips for female creatives.

"I think we should have a culture where everybody feels welcome and we don't lose anybody's creativity because they feel they have to hide some corner of themselves", Toksvig said when asked about how work culture should respond to diversity. 

The radio and TV presenter added that businesses need to be wary overlooking female creatives, stating that 'we're just going to get 50% of the view of the world, rather than 100%'.

Talking at the Creative Equals Future Leaders conference, Toksvig also discussed how companies should 'rethink the working week'. Discussing the importance of job sharing and flexible working, she explained how 'we may be losing some of the greatest creative talent because they simply can't do the normal hours'.

Her top tips for female creatives centred around confidence and the ability to be heard.