WATCH: Tiger Beer and Air-Ink show pollution can be turned into ink

Tiger Beer has teamed up with the inventor of Air-Ink, Anriudh Sharma, to promote the innovative method of turning air pollution into ink.

The beer brand's collaboration with Anriudh Sharma brings 'Clean Air Galleries' around the globe with the aim to showcase Air-Ink and promote it as a possible solution to air pollution. 

It is hoped that London mayor Sadiq Khan will consider the idea as part of a strategy to lower London's carbon footprint.

With a giant billboard in Shaftesbury Avenue made from the pollution-fueled Air-Ink, Tiger is striving to continue their strategy of 'championing brave people' and give innovative ideas exposure. 

The Clean Air Gallery was in Brixton for the campaign's London stop, showcasing the work of five artists who originated from the UK's most polluted cities. 

Mei-Leng Wong, global director for Tiger Beer, hopes that the campaign will 'inspire people to support' the idea and share the campaign's content so that "hopefully Sadiq Khan will see the content and reach out to Anriudh to set up a pilot".

Anriudh added: "everyone is so worried about air pollution and they want to see action".