Watch: How TomSka built a career on YouTube

Campaign spoke to vlogger Thomas Ridgewell, also known as "TomSka", about his YouTube career at this year's Summer in the City event at Excel London.

If you haven't already heard of him, TomSka is a prominent YouTuber, with more than 3.7 million subscribers to his channel. He creates sketch comedy, animation and vlogs – in his own words, "I write comedy in whatever form I feel like doing it."

Tom, who aside from a cleaning job at school has only ever had a career in online video, was one of the key speakers at this year's Summer in the City, the UK's largest YouTube convention. 

He says: "I make money from a lot of different ways through YouTube – through brand sponsorships, through merchandised sales, through advertising revenue. 

"Technically I have multiple jobs across the same platform.

"I'm releasing a book now as well, which will hopefully be another revenue stream, and I've done a game."