WATCH: trust dominates discussion at Advertising Week Europe

Campaign asked visitors at Advertising Week Europe, as well as its executive director Matt Schnecker, about the importance of trust in the industry.

The response was overwhelmingly clear that trust is a fundamentally important ingredient in the advertising industry, with one individual stating that ‘the one currency we sell as advertisers is trust’.

With trust being a key issue in advertising, following the aftermath Google faced as several major companies suspended their marketing campaigns with the brand this month, it became a key talking point throughout the week.

One delegate mentioned how "people really trust brands, they feel an affinity to those brands", further stating that 'we have a responsibility to make sure that they can trust these brands'.

Advertising Week Europe’s executive director, Matt Schnecker, believes that "trust is a big issue as it should be", following that 'we owe the consumers, our audience... the truth and I’m convinced the industry will get there".