Watch: WCRS on making people take notice

Find out how 2014 Ocean Digital Competition winner, WCRS, captured our attention with digital out-of-home, and why it used interactive technology to share a simple message.

Campaign spoke to Torie Wilkinson, head of account management at WCRS, about the compelling Women's Aid campaign, crafting a unique idea, and using interactive technology in a winning DOOH campaign.

WCRS took first place for the Women's Aid campaign in the Ocean Digital Creative Competition 'Interactive' Category in 2014. The campaign showed how taking notice of the issue is vital for tackling physical abuse. Facial recognition technology worked with DOOH to identify the number of people looking at the abused woman on the screen. The more people looking, the more her bruises begin to disappear.

Now in its sixth year, the Ocean Digital Creative Competition aims to reward creative thinking connect the medium with those who have a similar forward thinking vision, and educate creative minds on the opportunities DOOH can bring.

Read more about the past five years of the Ocean Digital Creative Competition and enter this year’s competition. Entries close on Friday 11th September.