Watch: how YouTube plans to grow Copa90 with 360° football lab

YouTube teamed up with Copa90 last week to create a 360° football experience as part of YouTube's campaign to shine a spotlight on their 'most exciting' channels.

The ‘CopaLab’, set up on London’s Southbank,  took the form of a pitch equipped with 48 cameras. Passersby were invited to try out their football skills in the lab, watch themselves back in glorious 360 degrees, and upload the footage to social media.

Thea O’Hear, communications manager at YouTube, explained: "From YouTube’s perspective, we don’t succeed unless our creators succeed. Copa90’s one of our most exciting success stories... through this promotional campaign we hope to take their messages and their content to an even wider audience."

Copa90, which launched in 2012, has enjoyed a steady growth on YouTube and now has just over a million subscribers to the channel. They hope to accellerate this growth in a campaign launched in conjunction with YouTube that will include our of home and digital advertising, as well as experiential events like the lab.