Watchdog clears Sims 3 ad animation

LONDON - A TV ad for computer game The Sims 3 by Wieden & Kennedy has escaped a ban following a viewer complaint over the authenticity of the animation quality shown in the ad.

The viewer challenged whether the ad’s claim "Graphics representative of game" misleadingly implied that the quality of the graphics and animation shown in the ad would be the same in the game.

Electronic Arts, which created the game, said that, due to the ad being broadcast in HD and shown in some cinemas, the resolution of the images had to be increased for the purposes of TV broadcast.

The Advertising Standards Authority said it understood that EA had altered the pixellation for broadcast purposes; therefore, the graphics featured would differ in quality from those in the game.

However, the on-screen text noted the graphics were representative of the game.

The watchdog considered viewers would understand this to mean that the ad did not show actual gameplay images or graphics.

No further action was deemed necessary.