Watchdog slams Sky broadband ad

LONDON - A TV ad promoting Sky's telecoms packages has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority.

BT challenged whether the comparison between itself and Sky in the ad was misleading because it did not mention factors included in BT’s package, which it felt were important to customers and would be lost following a switch.

BT also argued that the savings claim was misleading because of Sky’s obligatory £30 connection fee, and said that the "free" evening and weekend calls were actually just part of the package.

Sky said that some features, which could influence customer evaluation, could not be included within the constraints of TV advertising and so it had provided website details within the ad. It added that Sky set-up costs were included in the calculation of the savings claim.

The ASA noted that the ad directed viewers to Sky’s homepage, which clarified the terms and conditions of the ad’s claims. However, not all significant information was highlighted either in the ad or on the website, so the regulator found the ad to be misleading.

The ad must not be shown again in its current form.