Watchdog slams 'unsafe' Fat Face ad

LONDON - A catalogue ad for the fashion retailer Fat Face, featuring models riding motorbikes and quad bikes without protective clothing, has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority.

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One person complained the ad was irresponsible for implying it was safe and legal to ride these vehicles without wearing a helmet.

Fat Face said it did not advocate illegal activity, but intended to highlight an individual’s freedom of choice in terms of whether or not to wear a helmet on a motorcycle.

The retailer did not feel it was irresponsible to treat adults viewing the catalogue as being able to assess their own safety needs.

UK law requires motorcycle drivers and passengers to wear helmets or other head protection.

The ASA noted that two of the images featured the motor vehicles in motion with neither driver wearing helmets.

The regulator deemed the ads irresponsible for seeming to condone unsafe practices and said the ads must not be used again.