WaterAid "The girl who built a rocket" by Don't Panic

The charity WaterAid explores the all-too-common search for water on earth, to the tune of Life on Mars by David Bowie.

The ad begins as a radio broadcaster (voiced by Trevor McDonald) reveals news of water on Mars, inspiring one bright-eyed child from Madagascar to build a rocket in a bid to bring her family water. Once the rocket is finished, the young girl attempts to reach Mars but falls short, breaking her space shuttle along the way. 

"Some people dream of finding water on Mars, some people dream of finding it here on earth," McDonald declares as the child’s father tries to get water out of a broken water pump. However, her rocket-building skills come into play as she fixes the pump with a screwdriver, providing water for the village.

The ad will appear in an exclusive partnership with Channel 4, with spots during It’s A Sin and The Great Pottery Throwdown. It was created by Madeline Charles and directed by Neeraja Raj through Nexus Studios.

In 2018, WaterAid created a Spotify playlist of "Four minute shower hits" encouraging Brits to conserve water.


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