WaterAid's interactive film switches between midwives in UK and Tanzania

International charity WaterAid has launched its first interactive film highlighting the challenges overseas midwives face in maternity wards without access to safe water.

The film, produced by its in-house production team, compares the lives of a midwife in Tanzania, Juliana Msoffe, with that of a British midwife, Delia Jepson, who was featured in Channel 4’s One Born Every Minute.

The viewer can switch from Delia’s work shift at the maternity ward of Liverpool Women’s Hospital to Juliana in Kiomboi Hospital.

The film supports WaterAids Deliver Life Appeal, with every £1 donated by the public until 10 February being matched by the Government.

The film demonstrates how Juliana rations a scarce supply of clean water as she attends to a mother and baby by herself. Relatives are seen to collect water from the river for them to drink and wash with. Meanwhile in Liverpool, Delia’s team have access to sterile equipment, clean water to drink and replace fresh sheets.

The charity said one in five new-born deaths are caused by infections from the lack of safe water and clean environment and many new-borns are vulnerable to life threatening infections. Almost 315,000 children die every year from diarrhoeal diseases caused by dirty water and unsafe environments.

Catherine Feltham, a producer at WaterAid, said: "Thankfully, women in the UK are able to take clean water and sterile equipment in maternity wards for granted.

"By sharing the experience faced by midwives and mothers in the developing world, we hope to motivate the British public to donate to our appeal and help us raise awareness of this situation."