WCJ seeks new creative director for UK shop

Wunderman Cato Johnson is looking for its third creative director in under a year.

Wunderman Cato Johnson is looking for its third creative director

in under a year.

The agency is seeking a replacement for Charles Webre, who was brought

in from WCJ in New York in January as creative partner. However, it is

understood that Webre will not be leaving the WCJ group.

Webre’s appointment filled the gap left by Steve Aldridge, who resigned

after four years as creative director, citing differences with the then

European boss, Helmut Matthies.

The departure of Aldridge, alongside that of the managing director, John

Shaw, in the same month, sparked a reshuffle in the UK, partly

engineered by Matthies, who personally appointed Webre. However,

Matthies resigned last month after 18 years with the agency.

Richard Bagnall-Smith, the general manager of WCJ, denied Webre would be

leaving the agency. He said: ’We are completely happy with the way

things are going. We are not going to discuss bits and pieces at the

moment, but we are committed to Charles.’

Webre confirmed that he would be staying with the WCJ group.

The news comes in the same week that the head of copy at WCJ, Shaun

Moran, resigned to join his former boss, Aldridge, at Partners Andrews

Aldridge (Direct News, page 9). Additionally, the associate creative

director, Paddy Hall, has resigned.

The series of resignations this year - which have also included that of

the new-business director, Nina Jasinski, the board director, Peter

Flett, the associate creative director, Ken Muir, the previous head of

copy, Ed Fawcett, and around ten creatives - are all attributed to the

network’s change of direction.

Following parent company Young & Rubicam’s initial public offering on

the stock market, and under the new worldwide chairman, Jay Bingle, WCJ

is on the acquisition trail, focusing on emerging technologies. Bingle’s

background in consultancy will play an important part in defining the

shop’s direction.