WCRS 1979-1999: 20 things you never knew about WCRS - Sooty is in charge of the job interviews and the head of typography is wearing his wife’s G-string. Amy Smith reveals all

1. WCRS is the current NABS Brain Game champion.

1. WCRS is the current NABS Brain Game champion.

2. Graham Fink left the agency after throwing a yucca plant at Simon

Wells in a row over using Tony Kaye.

3. At one point, WCRS was the UK’s biggest BMW dealer - it had a fleet

of more than 200 BMWs and bought and sold more new and used BMWs than

any dealer in the country.

4. The former head of typography, Barry Brand, once came to work in his

wife’s G-string. Rooney Carruthers found out and organised an impromptu

’show us your underwear’ competition, picking on Barry to reveal his


5. Gray Joliffe - the cartoonist who writes the Wicked Willie books -

used to work at the agency.

6. The father of the former WCRS creative director, Larry Barker, is

Ronnie Barker.

7. WCRS’s former managing director, Max Bissett, is Jacqueline Bissett’s


8. Gina Peterman in TV admin won pounds 250,000 on the Lottery two years


She then left.

9. In 1987, Robin Wight stood as Conservative candidate for Bishop


He lost his deposit.

10. WCRS started in a hotel room in the Grosvenor House Hotel on Park


11. Robin Wight’s former chauffeur, John Hole, was arrested a year or so

ago because, while working as a chauffeur for someone else, he had sold

their Rolls Royce and spent all the money. When asked what he had spent

it all on, he replied: ’Champagne, cocaine and prostitutes.’ As far as

anyone knows, he’s still banged up.

12. Ron Collins, when he was interviewing a creative, looked through the

interviewee’s portfolio and said that he would have to confer with

somebody else. He then brought out a Sooty puppet, whispered to it,

pretended to listen to a reply and said: ’Sorry, Sooty thinks it’s


13. Amy Smith, marketing director, keeps her drum kit in the office.

14. WCRS once had a Christmas party with an S&M theme. The band was made

up of pregnant lesbians and they were known as the Horny Hornets.

15. Gary Glitter also played at a WCRS Christmas party, but Gary

Bickerton had to go up first and sing: ’Do you want to be in my


16. Andrew Robertson threw up in reception at his leaving do.

17. There are 105 men in the agency and 87 women.

18. WCRS’s softball team lost every match it played last season.

19. The average age at the agency is 32.

20. The director of finance’s PA, Natalie Field, was in a Thai prison

and was interviewed by the Serious Fraud Squad because she was Robert

Maxwell’s secretary at the time of his death.