WCRS ad for TfL faces copyright claim

LONDON - WCRS is under fire for a new ad which bears a remarkable similarity to a video produced by US academics in 1999.

Academic ad...produced in 1999
Academic ad...produced in 1999

The ad, Do the Test, was produced by the agency for Transport for London to highlight how easy it is for drivers to miss the presence of cyclists on the road.

But earlier today, the clip was removed from YouTube "due to a copyright claim from a third party".

The WCRS ad asks the viewer to count the number of passes made by a basketball team during a passage of play.

It then reveals that while the viewer was concentrating on counting the passes, they missed the presence of a person  in a bear suit, moonwalking through the crowd.

However, a video which is virtually identical was copyrighted by US professor Daniel J Simons in 1999.

Simons, who works at the University of Illinois Visual Cognition Lab, produced the video to demonstrate a spatial awareness theory.

A user who saw the clip on Campaign's website contacted us and said: "The ad is absolutely identical except they have turned a gorilla into a bear."

Click here to view the WCRS ad
Click here to view the University of Illinois video