WCRS highlights BMW quality in Compact advertising

WCRS has launched a pan-European campaign to promote the BMW

Compact and highlight that the compact nature of the car has not

compromised BMW quality.

The television spot opens on a dog watching out for its master's


When it sees the Compact driving up the hill it rushes out to greet its

owner along a corridor with a polished floor. A comparison is drawn

between the ungainly, scrabbling progress of the dog as it attempts to

negotiate a corner and the smooth handling of the Compact.

A voiceover then explains: "The new BMW Compact. With rear-wheel drive

and near perfect balance, without them, it just wouldn't corner like a

BMW." The camera then cuts back to the dog, which has lost control and

crashes into a table, knocking a vase on to the floor.

The campaign will run across TV and press, and will also be supported by

online activity. The press ads focus on the redesigned body of the car,

the more responsive new engines and the practicality of the hatchback


Nick Hart, the brand communications manager at BMW, said: "This

commercial is a blend of the essence of Compact as a product in its own

right, and why it sits so comfortably within the brand and range of the

highly responsive vehicles that BMW manufactures."

The campaign was written by Jo Moore and art directed by Simon


It was directed by Tarsem through @Radical.Media. The media planning was

handled in-house. Above-the-line buying is by Carat, with online buying

by Zenith.