WCRS premieres first TV work for Vodafone

WCRS has launched its first national television work for Vodafone

since winning the account in February this year.

However, the pounds 4 million campaign has retained the Hamish

character, introduced by BMP DDB. Future branding campaigns are expected

to drop the character.

WCRS' campaign seeks to highlight both Vodafone's pre-pay roaming

capacity and the fact that these customers can take and use their Pay as

you Talk phones on holiday. Previously they did not have the ability to

use phones abroad.

It also aims to communicate that customers can send and receive text

messages, as well as make and receive calls.

The campaign comprises two films announcing the new service. "Ibiza"

opens on a beach party, where a young, wide-eyed man is mesmerised by a

pair of beautiful female dancers. He picks up his mobile and dials

Hamish to brag about the experience.

"Sunset" opens on a couple together on a beautiful Mediterranean beach

at sunset. The two mischievously call Hamish to gloat over the moment,

who is seen sitting despondently in a launderette back home. The

strapline is: "You're on holiday. They're not. Rub it in."

Anthony Liow, an account director at WCRS, said: "The campaign aims to

demonstrate that there are better reasons to call from abroad than

simply to say you've arrived."

The campaign, which will run for three months, will be supported by

press, radio and online activity.

It will also be supported by a UK and foreign airport package that will

aim to trigger phone usage abroad once consumers have arrived at their

holiday destinations.

It was written by Martin Gillan and art directed by David Lang. John

Greenhalgh directed it through Stark Films. Media planning and buying is

through OMD.