WCRS unveils facial disfigurement work for Changing Faces

WCRS has produced the first advertising campaign for Changing Faces, a charity that aims to break down the stigma held against people with facial disfigurements.

The press and poster ads are designed to help ease the initial discomfort some people experience meeting someone with a disfigurement.

Each of the four treatments features a real person who suffers some form of facial disfigurement. "David" runs with the strapline: "Hello. Nice to meet you. How are you? ... Now you try it." "Mark" reads: "How do you get past my interesting features ... and into the interesting person beyond?" The "Michelle" ad runs the line: "When you've looked at the ceiling, the coffee machine, your shoes and the far wall, look me in the eye and say hello." "Susan" says: "How to survive bumping into me."

In each case, several paragraphs of copy run across the bottom of the execution describing how the average person should handle a first meeting with someone like them. The copy provides tips and advice in a personable, friendly way.

The campaign was art directed by Henry Rossiter and the copywriter was Mick French.

WCRS is currently securing media space for the campaign, with MediaVest obtaining a range of poster spots throughout London.