WCRS unveils press ads for Mini

WCRS has unveiled a new press campaign for the award-winning BMW Mini, which builds on the previous launch theme, the "Mini adventure".

The series of three press executions highlights the Mini's options, accessories, safety features and service packages.

The work, which breaks across national press from 19 January, aims to invoke the same quirky spirit that has become a trademark of all Mini advertising since its launch in 2001. New cinema, outdoor, magazine and online advertising is planned later this year.

"Bubblewrap" shows a man covering his Mini entirely in bubblewrap, unaware of the car's extensive safety features. However, the copy reveals that an ensuing "mad popping frenzy" effectively scuppers his efforts. The ad then goes on to detail the car's safety specifications.

"Spot the difference" features a Mini and an elephant side-by-side in a fairground-style spot-the-difference competition. The aim is to highlight the many extras offered by the Mini by challenging people to work out the difference between an accessorised Mini and an accessorised elephant.

All executions sign off with the line: "The end", in common with all the "Mini adventure" ads.

The ads were written by Andy Britain and art directed by Yu Kung. They were shot by the leading fashion photographer Lee Jenkins. Media planning is handled by WCRS and is bought by BBJ.