WCRS unveils Radox Solutions spots

WCRS is launching a herbal bath liquid range for Radox with a risque TV campaign.

WCRS is launching a herbal bath liquid range for Radox with a

risque TV campaign.

Two 30-second films for Radox Solutions, which break on 1 February,

feature a slender naked woman floating serenely in a large, blue pool.

The camera swirls around her body, while the soundtrack and typography

conjure up the pressures of everyday life from which she is


The first film, ’tensions’, emphasises stress relief. ’Wound up?’ asks

the first line of copy. ’Over-sensitive burglar alarm? Teething baby?

Violin practice next door? They all dissolve in new Solutions with

essential oils.’

The second spot focuses on dry skin. This time, it is the effects of a

walk on a windswept beach or a long night in a smoky bar that are washed

away. Both ads have the same endline: ’Now there’s a Solution for every

problem. New Solutions from Radox.’

Sara Lee launched the Radox Solutions range in October to target

upmarket consumers. Of the five Solutions variants, the two illustrated

in the ads are Milk and Honey and Hot Cinnamon. Radox’s advertising has

traditionally opted for more homely images of women in bathtubs and the

concept of ’therapeutic’ bathing.

Tom Henton, account handler for Sara Lee at WCRS, said: ’The advertising

reflects the premium positioning of Radox Solutions, without forgetting

the core properties that have made Radox such a powerful brand.’

The ads were written by John Silver and art directed by Malcolm


They were shot by Mike Valentine through Smith Jones Brown & Cassie. The

pounds 1 million campaign will run on terrestrial and satellite TV.

Media is being handled by Zenith.