WCRS's multimedia ads aim for Danish bacon profile boost

WCRS has created a multi-media campaign for the Danish Bacon and Meat Council, which is set to break nationwide next week.

The work will run for six months and will urge customers to "look for the sizzle" by explaining how they can identify the bacon they buy as being Danish. The work aims to flag up the fact that Danish bacon is not a brand in its own right, meaning the bacon consumers already buy could be Danish.

The work marks a shift away from Danish bacon's history of using mainly TV ads.

The £1 million push comprises four press ads which will run in-store and in women's consumer press. They will be supported by three 40-second radio spots.

Each of the three ads features own-brand bacon from the three major supermarket chains: Tesco, Safeway and Sainsbury's. Each ad has pointers showing the markings on the packaging, which reveal the bacon is Danish, with instructions on "How to tell if it's Danish bacon".

The campaign was written by Andy Brittain and art directed by Yu Kung.

Photography was by Kelvin Murray. Media was planned and bought by Media Planning Group.