WCRS's online Mini work uses 'alien' theme

The new Mini saves the day from an alien mothership in an online

campaign by WCRS, which continues the theme of its above-the-line

branding work.

The campaign, which includes a series of text links, pop-up games and

site wraps, will aim to bring the Mini to life online by featuring the

new car as the star of a series of adventures. The campaign also aims to

generate a sense of fun and excitement around the car.

The three site wraps, which use a new technology, Eyeblaster, feature

the alien mothership and a tripod from the television spot, alongside an

evil mummy that destroys the website being visited. However, the Mini

defeats the attacks and restores the website to its former state.

The text links feature bizarre headlines such as "New invisibility spray

tested" placed surreptitiously in website news sections, which link

through to partially animated versions of the existing press


Emma Scammell, Mini's marketing manager, said: "The first time I saw

these I laughed out loud. That's the response we want when everyone sees


Matt Gee, an executive producer at WCRS, added: "This technology works

extremely effectively with the creative behind the Mini campaign,

reinforcing the advertising and creating a visually rich


The campaign was written by Andy Brittain and Anson Harris and art

directed by Yu Kung and Paul Banham. Creative and online strategy is by

WCRS and implementation planning and buying is through Zenith

Interactive Solutions.