WDC Helsinki 'Kauko' by Hasan & Partners

The Finnish advertising agency Hasan & Partners, along with the creative studio Perfect Fools, have devised the world's first internet-controlled, interactive café.

"Kauko" is at face value a normal café serving coffee and cakes. However, its furniture, service and atmosphere can be remotely controlled via a website in real time.

Visitors to youdesign.fi  can reshape the café’s interior, adjust chair or table heights, as well as control the lighting and music. For the next few weeks, Kauko will be located in Helsinki’s biggest shopping centre, Forum.

The pop-up café is part of a wider campaign to celebrate Finland’s capital city, as the "World Design Capital  2012", and draw attention to the concept and importance of "design" within everyday environments.

The café was built by GP UdstillningsDesign.