We7 targets mainstream radio with debut TV campaign

We7, the digital music service, is making its television debut with a marketing campaign to attract mainstream radio listeners to the relaunched service.

The campaign launches later this week and runs for two weeks with 30-sec and 10-sec spots on music channels, including MTV and The Box.

The ad features promotional text to communicate We7's new positioning as a "personal DJ".

It also uses a series of captions to promote the 10 million free tracks the service offers and also promotes its various mobile apps. The campaign, which was co-produced in house with Dancing Aardvarks, is being supported with digital ads.

In September We7 relaunched to become more of an internet radio station. At the time, Steve Purdham, chief executive of We7, said the brand was aiming to attract younger audiences who do not want to pay for music.

We7's relaunch comes at a time when the service faces heightened competition in the digital music space and it has chosen to differentiate the service from the likes of Spotify and Deezer, which are bolstering the paid-for subscriptions part of their businesses.

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