Website for student input on briefs gets thumbs down in UK

A controversial website where agencies farm out briefs to students

via the internet is being extended from the US to Europe.

College students try to crack briefs posted by creative directors, who

in turn can hire anyone who impresses them.

Adyourideas is the brainchild of Joshua Eidlitz, a Jewish studies

student from New Jersey. He claims that more than 40 US colleges have

endorsed the scheme and that several agencies have posted briefs since

the site went live.

Over the next three weeks he will be inviting agencies across Europe to


Students register free of charge. Adyourideas takes half of the dollars

200 fee paid by agencies accepting a student's idea. If the assignment

leads to a student being hired, there is a dollars 400 'headhunting'


Eidlitz said he had no plans to have students work directly for clients

although he would not rule this out if the scheme was successful.

But top creative directors are sceptical. Andrew Cracknell, the Bates UK

executive creative director, said: 'It's ingenious but it's been thought

up by somebody who doesn't know how advertising works. It would only be

OK for 'one-off' ideas and one or two people may give it a punt before

it fades away.'