The Week: BBC and Fallon invite teenagers to create works of art

The BBC has launched an interactive art installation promoting its creative learning initiative, BBC Blast, which aims to develop teenagers' creative skills.

The project, created by Fallon, centres on a website,, which hosts the Blast Studio, a digital and experiential event.

The studio enables users to create works of art in real time by controlling giant painting, sculpture, light and music and writing machines that are housed in The Topolski Studio at the Southbank Centre.

While the painting machine enables users to create works of art by controlling the shape, colour, strokes and location of the canvas, the sculpture machine allows them to alter the viscosity of coloured glue to make their masterpiece.

Each creation can be viewed via live webcam images on the website or at the Southbank Centre. The Blast Studio will be open to members of the public, who can view the works of art through peepholes.