The Week: Best of the Blogs - Adland's fashion crisis

Look at women's fashion - possibly the greatest example of misdirected human effort since the Germans lost three million men invading a country I don't even want to go to on holiday.

At some point, women used their clothes to attract men. However, outside the more vulgar form of film, this technique has become lost. Women now buy clothes to intimidate other women. For women have entirely lost sight of their primary target audience and concentrate exclusively on the secondary audience - each other.

The apotheosis of this movement arises in the UGG boot, an item of footwear so repellent to men, it is impossible for us to become even partially aroused when within 100 yards of any pair.

Have awards gone the same way? Are they now, like women's fashion, a battleground for peer-group intimidation rather than having any surviving intrinsic purpose?

The solution is fairly simple. Restrict entry to one international awards show and one local one. Bank the money you save. Use it to create generous rewards for creatives who win these awards for existing clients. And also lavish rewards for non-award-winning work which is remarkable in some non-formulaic way - or for work which is startlingly effective. Make sure that the work rewarded is always remarkable but often unexpected. Reward the huge and good alongside the small and great.