The Week: Best of the blogs - Cannes you be bothered?

Cannes silver or a D&AD nomination? Cannes gold or a One Show gold? Cannes Radio Grand Prix or Radio silver Pencil?

Ten years ago, one of us used to work for Mike Cozens, the winner of two D&AD golds. At the time, he wrote an article for Campaign, where he said British creatives were kind of parochial for wanting to win a black Pencil over a CGP.

Well, things have changed since then. By our count, there are at least five more CGPs to win, dividing their value by five, but also many more categories in which to collect a black Pencil (ditto). But which is the more valuable? And why?

For the record, we'd prefer the black Pencil. They don't award it every year and they seem to reserve it for only the most amazing work. The convention of always awarding a CGP means that some less good stuff gets awarded (eg, Ikea "lamp"). -

Pencils every time. Walk into someone's office and see what makes you hate them more - the sight of a gold Lion or a gleaming yellow Pencil. No contest. - Anonymous

Here's the thing about Cannes. It's the advertising world championship. Who says so? The world. You or I may prefer one award over the other, but the world focuses on Cannes in a way they don't on the regional award shows, even D&AD. It gets the spotlight. It gets the most publicity, ergo the Cannes Grand Prix is the most valuable award. - Anonymous.