The Week: Best of the blogs - D&AD: Out of touch?

A couple of us were fortunate enough to be asked to judge this year's Creative Circle Awards, and we were discussing how much we were looking forward to seeing the Creative Circle Annual, then one of us said he'd only had a few looks at the latest D&AD Annual.

Now, this wasn't a cynical newbie, it was someone who has been in the book almost every one of his 12 years in the business. Then someone who's also been in the book said: "My copy's still wrapped up in my office. I haven't wanted to look at it."

Not because it was full of ads we knew, but because we knew it wasn't stuffed with the British creative work that inspires us.

Another example of D&AD's lack of consideration towards its members came up the other day. We thought it would be good to watch the D&AD showreel, but D&AD hasn't made one. It's online - great for keeping the work archived, but is a computer screen the best way to see Sony "paint"? We had a cinema ad in the Annual, but if you want to see it on a big screen, you have to hook your laptop up to a widescreen TV.

The 1979 Annual says: "D&AD is the pride of the advertising industry and agencies strive to get their ads accepted for inclusion in the D&AD Annual, a yearly catalogue of the cream of British advertising design."

Thirty years on, not so much.