The Week: Best of the blogs - Let's celebrate ad heroes

A lot of people have been asking me how I feel about Tim Lindsay leaving TBWA. Because it was an argument with Tim last year that led to my leaving the place.

So I'd just like to say this. Tim is one of the most talented, intelligent and straightest people you could ever hope to meet.

However, it's natural for people to ask, because advertising is a hideously competitive industry, and it would bring out the envy, back-stabbing and schadenfreude in Mother Teresa's nicer baby sister.

There are a few very high-profile people I know who have prompted various attacks on their characters, even though the attackers don't even know the people involved.

The first one is my old buddy Rupert Howell. Rupert seems to put some people's backs up - but only if they don't know him. I can actually understand this completely. Before I'd met him, I couldn't stand him.

The second is Trevor Beattie. Because, like Rupert, Trevor's extraordinary success means that people assume there must be something wrong with him.

Of course, adland has more than its share of twats, arseholes, rats, prats and pillocks. There are several sharks, and at least two people at the top of the pile whom I would consider to be certifiable psychopaths.

But this industry, which sometimes seems like it's on its knees, would stand more chance of revival if it knew how to celebrate and cherish its heroes better.