The Week: Best of the blogs - Lighten up, it's only ads

I thought I didn't have quite enough ads in my book to get my first job at BMP. So I "borrowed" a couple from a guy in New York. And I got the job.

I was having a hard time getting an out of work copywriter hired, so I lied about it. He went on to win four D&AD silvers.

I see these things as creative. Because no-one got hurt, and the benefit outweighed the risk. Until last week. I wrote about the last two and some people were horrified. Scamp is an influential advertising blog. He compared pinching some ads for my book with robbing a bank and killing a guard. He also compared it with raping a receptionist.

Are we in the same business? Are we on the same planet? Just like the Daily Mail or The Sun, some people will deliberately choose to misinterpret what's been said in order to get a story. Sensationalism.

The problem with this for me is it exemplifies what's happening in advertising. Everything is taken so seriously, as if it's a religion. The fun has been suffocated.

Following rules has taken precedence over getting a result. That's why all anyone cares about are awards. Not what the people in the street think, awards.

The rules for me are it ought to be fun, and it ought to be a force for good in helping make advertising better. And, of course, you shouldn't set out to hurt anyone in the process. What I saw last week was the opposite of all three of those.

Dave Trott,